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For a small culture, hardcore is a musical rhythm in hard rock. In fact, the basis is the rhythm, with a very accentuated bass. In sex, we have a good complicity of the couple with rhythm and sex.

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There are many scenes that are called hardcore in the porn world. But to say that it is great hardcore, we have at the base of suffering and pleasure. There are no scenarios and other such types. Right away sex and most of the time, it's a real torture for women. When we do casting, we select the girls who do hard scene. These are girls who have the image of a child. And all of a sudden, the scenes of a high school girl being raped, a high school girl wanting to raise her grade by fucking the teacher, and others. So, she has this little girl's face, small breasts, a very fit ass, long hair and an innocent look. A Latina would be perfect, but she's not easy to tame either. Here is an excerpt from the hd sex videos with a beautiful inspiration from Star Wars.

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The girl is tied up on the bed with her ass up, and she's already naked. The chef arrives with his mask on and bites his ass and fucks her in the back. Then he calls his companions, and they do the same things as the leader, always in masks. Then we untie her, and make her drink pee. We tie her up and force her to suck the dick. Still at the bottom of the throat and without spitting out, we continue with different positions. You pull your hair well during oral sex, slap it even if it blushes, and have anal sex.

When you shoot a porn movie, you have a cameraman, and then the one who takes care of the costume, makeup and the different technicians.



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